Kat Quinn LMBT NC#8620 dba Kneading Kat Massage & Bodywork

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A little island paradise, tucked away inside of Image Hair & Body Salon:

Image Hair and Body Salon
7521 Mourning Dove Road #106
Raleigh, NC 27615

Additional note on directions: When GPS gets you to the location, it usually gets you only to the office center. The sign will say Peachtree Office Center 7511-7521. Image Hair & Body Salon is located at the very end of the set of brick buildings that is in Peachtree Office Center; Kneading Kat Massage is located inside of Image Hair & Body Salon. Once you enter the office center, drive straight back and park anywhere you can find in a non-marked spot. We are at the very end: 7521 Suite 106.