I charge for my time and use any modalities needed for the individualized session so all prices are based on time.

Body Flow Fusion/Traditional Floor Thai

60 Minutes - $80
90 Minutes - $110
120 Minutes - $150

Wellness Program

“Feel Good; Get a Massage” Wellness Program

Join Wellness Program and get monthly discount

Join Wellness Program and get monthly discount

Monthly massage can be very helpful in maintaining overall wellness. Many massage places give you 50 minutes of actual massage when you book a 60 minute session. Get exactly what you pay for and pay per minute of actual massage time. Less than Massage Envy prices with a highly trained therapist. Minimum time is 60 minutes and must be on the appointment book each month. No credit card or pre-pay, simply add yourself to my online booking, once/each month, and keep the discount. Mention the “Wellness Program” after your session for confirmation of monthly bookings and program discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

60 minute - $60 90 minute - $90 120 minute - $120